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Live, Love and Breathe 

Compact City Garden. Total colourful restyle. Fully managed paper to plant build.

This is a very exciting new project for an urban space. Nestled in the centre of a medieval city is this split level garden, unsuitable and totally unused. The family wanted to extend their kitchen into the garden and create a calm space to practice yoga. A love of colour and the unexpected was key to inject the kind of life and vibrancy that reflects the family.

The garden retains all of its hard landscaping, but through the use of colour, screening and strong planting it is completely transformed. The lower terrace has a built-in bench and a pair of tables; one in the kitchen and one outside, these connect when the bifolds are open, linking inside and out. It is cosy and intimate, whilst the top level is open and calm with a new view back towards the house as the flat roof will host wildflowers and grasses. Shots of colour ignite this bold scheme which is softened by romantic soft planting adding a sense of soul and life.

*NB this is newly planted so once established images will be updated.

Initial design images below.

Before pictures below
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