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A New Level

Country Garden. Partial redesign. Collaborative build process.

The top level of this established garden needed a new life. An unused lawn with an unusable terrace needed revising to provide level access so that the garden could be enjoyed from the top level, whilst having enough space for at least six to eat together.

The design expands the theme of existing circular steps and created an amphitheatre shaped set of stairs leading you and your gaze to the rest of the garden. This vista is now unbroken with glass balustrading, a minimal handrail and simple patio doors (replacing the original door and window). The whole garden can now be seen from the main living area in the house. The terrace itself follows the lines out from the centre of the circle and an adjacent new mid-level has been added blending the others together. This has a chamomile lawn, smells amazing and doesn't need mowing. The clients have found this greatly expanded their living area and this lovely garden as a whole is so much more appreciated.    

toward house.jpg

Before picture below



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