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All about design

Space is potential where anything is possible. The challenge is to perfectly design gardens that work beautifully in a contemporary, elegant and exciting way.


Personally I am intrigued by creating a balanced marriage between...

All about Ruth

I’m never happier than when I’m wandering along a beach collecting shells or playing in the waves, with my family and friends. A lifelong obsession with design, craft and the outdoors, has led me to a place where I can combine these things - creating fabulous gardens for people to find their own happy space...

Image by Daniel von Appen

Who is this for

A benefit of working with a designer for any project is that they work with you. Each brief and each solution is unique to you, from designs for 'self-build's, to fully managed 'paper to plant' gardens. Every design I do starts off with the commission of an 'Initial design package' which you can find...

How it works

My role is to create a design to transform a space into a garden perfect for everyone who will use it. I take into account your wishes, taste, budget and the space itself. By combining these elements with my experience, knowledge and imagination I can design something...

walled produce garden Ruth Bridgeman Gar
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