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About Design


Space is potential where anything is possible. The challenge is to perfectly design gardens that work beautifully in a contemporary, elegant and exciting way. 


Personally I am intrigued by creating a balanced marriage between clean sharp lines and the concept of rewilding (where nature takes over). The joy of outdoor space is that it is changeable - our role is not to control nature, but to embrace it. My idea of perfection is a strong structural design with the soul of a secret pocket of wilderness.

Why create a garden?

The outdoors has never been more important. Alongside substantial concerns over the ecological and climate emergency, a new appreciation of the natural world has emerged. Compounded by Covid it has become a place of refuge, with many wondering how to make better spaces to enjoy much more regularly and see our loved ones safely. Building on a huge existing increase in forest schools for children, outdoor sports, wellness programmes and glamping amongst others - we are waking up to the benefits a bit of time and space under the sky can give us.

Accompanying this greater experience is a greater awareness of how we affect the wider world and a desire to protect it. When we so often feel like we have no impact - to build a garden that not only benefits us but supports our planet is a very real and significant way we can make a difference. 


For our planet we can grow trees to capture carbon and choose plants that support insects, birds and habitats for myriads of species which is crucial for biodiversity and environmental health. Planted areas also help prevent flooding and cool the air, especially helpful in very urban areas.


For ourselves gardens can create a beautiful, changing and year round view from our home, a place to have some peace, to play a game, to entertain. We can read, cook, do some yoga, grow some food or cut flowers for our homes, or just do some gardening. 


Good garden design not only creates something that does all of the above, but it does it in such a way that reflects the clients wishes and needs in a truly personal way. 

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