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Chill, Play, Eat, Repeat

Town back garden. Design for self build.


This is the second garden for this client, who wanted their Northern garden developing into an organised space for  modern life. Privacy is key so maximum time can be spent dining, working, playing and chilling in the space. There is also an epic view over water meadows, a key focal point.

The garden has a dining area with a sound proofing bamboo hedge, overlooked by large windows from the kitchen. There is a lawn for playing and a wooden framed gravel deck area, with relaxed seating to maximise the view. The visual theme of the garden is that of a tropical coastline; a lush border and oversized planters create a fantastic view from the open plan living area inside. This element of grown up glamour adds a playful touch to this transformed space.  

Inspiration board and masterplan shown below

Before pictures below




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