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Family time

Country Garden. Partial redesign. Collaborative build process.


This has been the family home for 36 years and the garden has been the playground for their children, other peoples children and now grandchildren too. The challenge was to embrace the next chapter and make a beautiful space for 2 people, or the full family of 15! 

Initially the brief was to locate a summerhouse already on order, however to do this meant looking at the entire space holistically. Importantly there needed to be space to play that was visible from the house, so the top 3rd was left as it was. However from then on it all changes; narrowing pairs of posts lead your gaze from the house, through a wildflower meadow area and down steps to a smart, but country style terrace. This symmetrical space has the summerhouse to one side and a mirror image size pergola on the other. Between the two and leading to an original gate with their allotment beyond is a bound gravel path. 

This garden slopes down and the terrace is set into this, so has become a separate private area, perfect for the owners to get away from it all at any time of year. They can spend time inside or under the pergola, yet the space is flexible and big enough to add tables together and seat everyone. Looking back from the pergola are a second set of steps that can't be seen from the house - these lead back up to a secret levelled area, eventually screened by wildflowers where you can sunbathe or have a fire pit to while away the evening.

Inspiration board, masterplan and site plan shown below

Before pictures below

Work In Progress Below.

All the hard landscaping was completed in 2021, despite major material shortages. The large sections of bare earth have now been planted with nearly 2000 bulbs and scattered with wildflower seeds. We're excited to watch this space as these emerge in Spring and planters, climbers and furniture is added to this fantastic space.   

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