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Reuse, Revive

City Garden. Total review and partial redesign. Collaborative build process.

This was a total review of this established garden with focus on the far end. Owned by a keen gardener and collector of interesting and useful objects, this garden became a masterclass in editing. Almost all the materials used were already there 'just in case' they could be useful. Taking into account all these resources and being mindful to reuse/ repurpose as much as possible, a working design emerged. Whilst still wild, free and nature friendly, the garden now has a sense of calm - everything found a home and a whole new shady terrace was born to while away summer heat.

When I design I also request a 'budget' from a client to make sure the plan is achievable. However this is not just about money- for self builds especially this takes into account skills the client has and (as in this case), materials already available. By working like this, gardens are possible that are worth far more than they cost financially - allowing design to be available for many more people.

Some preliminary sketches and concept board for this garden are shown below, alongside the before picture.

working masterplan reuse revive Ruth Bridgeman Garden Design.jpeg

Before picture below

reuse revive before Ruth Bridgeman Garden Design.jpeg


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