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Gardening Shed

Homes with existing garden spaces

A benefit of working with a designer for any project is that they work with you. Each brief and each solution is unique to you, so what I do depends entirely on what you want. I can create designs for everything from 'Self builds' to fully managed (by us or others) 'Paper to Plant' projects. Please do email any questions you have.


However each design always starts off with the commission of an Initial Design Package which you can find out about here.

New Builds and Architects

In addition to existing gardens for domestic customers, I have experience working with architects on new build or renovation projects. By considering the interior and exterior together truly exciting spaces and vistas can be created - these may be missed or less successful if the garden design is delayed until the property is complete. In urban areas especially, this relationship is often crucial to engineer privacy and a sense of space.


Contact me here to enquire. 

Modern Luxury Home

Commercial Projects

More than ever we are realising the value of outside space to grow, both in terms of financial capability with extra space for dining and meeting, and improving customer experience through improved atmosphere, reflecting and building brand experience. 

Exterior spaces are as important as interiors as they are the first impression and add value. My previous experience in the

world of fashion and textiles involved a great deal of awareness of branding and customer experience, so I am well placed to understand these elements in addition to regular considerations of a garden designer.

Community Projects

Schools, residential care homes, leisure centres and community centres are all vital to the structure of our communities. If you're lucky enough to have outside space, then make it the best it can be for everyone involved. Gardens can help shade buildings, cool areas and provide whole new spaces for leisure, relaxation or learning. As a general rule then if you can take the community outside, then do -it's good for the soul.


Contact me here to enquire. 

Sketch is for residential dementia care home 'sensory/ activity/ fundraising space' garden in Wales.

Residential dementia care home garden.jpg
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