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Soul Food Edible Garden

Walled country kitchen garden. Collaborative build process.

This garden is designed for a young family who have recently moved to the country. Their new house came with a neglected walled garden which the family wanted to restore to grow lots of produce, whilst also having an entertaining space and interesting view to enjoy all year round.

Now there is an orchard on each side, raised beds with a mix of growing space and ornamental topiary in the centre. This is adorned by a sculptural metal framework giving great winter structure (edible gardens are notoriously bare off season). In addition to the pergola, a large glass house has been added providing seating inside among the peaches.  

Masterplan and inspiration boards below

Model pictures below.

The balance between form and function is this garden is crucial to it's success. The structure must remain attractive even when out of the main growing season.

Planting plan, schedule calendar and management plan shown below.

As this is quite a substantial kitchen garden in terms of the work required to keep it, it is important to have a clear plan in place.

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