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Sun Trap

Town front garden. Total redesign for self build.

This garden was originally a south facing carpark for a total 4/5 vehicles. With plenty of on street parking it bacame a quandary of wasted space. The design for a whole new garden (keeping 2 spaces) expanded the view and feeling of space within the house and created a suntrap outside. Consideration was given to neighbours with double sided raised beds and the space has genuinely altered the flow of the property, improving quality of life. This was entirely built by the owners.

Apart from the front wall, everything was removed. New brick raised beds were built (rendered on the inside) with a floating fence midway, which allows one planting scheme inside and another outside. It was important to create a private space without feeling like a barricade had been built against the neighbours. The lavender, trees and driveway border vastly improve the curb appeal and add intrigue as to what happens inside.

The interior is treated as a room in the house with vibrant colour, simple grass and gaura planting with gaps for seasonal whims- this year was sunflowers. The french doors have been added and the feeling of space within the house is incredible as the horizons are so much bigger than they were. An unexpected result of the garden is how much of a sun trap it has become, it is used everyday- even Christmas morning coffee can be outside now! It is a pleasure to see such a dead space now able to bring so much to the party.

Initial sketches and before picture below.


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