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What do I do?


My role is to create a design to transform a space into a garden perfect for everyone who will use it. I take into account your wishes, taste, budget and the space itself. By combining these elements with my experience, knowledge and imagination I can design something wonderful. I visualise clearly the potential of space - regardless of its current state and my drawing and design skills allow me to communicate these ideas to everyone else in the project.  


My goal is always to achieve the perfect balance of contemporary design elements and the importance of nature. My background of craft, textiles, interiors and colour allow me to draw on a wide range of inspiration and create not only great layouts but exceptional detail to the quality of making.  All of which is vital to making an exceptional garden.

*We are now taking on new projects, however please email any enquiries now as contractors (if needed) get booked up quickly pre-summer. 

This sounds good but how does it work?

The initial design package is a system that I have to start off any project and it works like this…….


First things first, say a big hello through the contact form with a rough idea of what the project is and I’ll have a look. If it’s something I can help with, we’ll have a chat on the phone to talk further.


If you would like to go ahead with the commission, I will send over a questionnaire to help define what you are after and allow you as a client to discuss and clarify this before I come to see the space. 


Once I’ve had a read through, I will come and meet you onsite. This is to discuss what you’d like and for me to experience the space, so I can design something perfect for you. I will roughly measure up (larger projects may require a survey), take lots of photos and make notes as to which parts of the house interact with the garden. Normally we discuss initial ideas at this point which help inform the design. If there are two diverse options I will do quick sketches for you to consider and choose from before I start the design. This visit usually takes about an hour.


I will then write a project brief, produce an inspiration board (which uses images of existing spaces to help explain the ideas) and a basic masterplan which shows the layouts with ideas of materials, planting and colour. 

I return to present and explain this to you onsite, you keep your presentation and this completes the initial design package. Prices start at £400 for a garden up to 100m2 (10m x 10m).  

Plant Nursery

So what happens after the design package is done?

This depends entirely on you. Some people will give the drawing straight to a contractor who will interpret it and build a space (the drawings are not full structural ones). Others will choose us to complete build from 'Paper to Plant'. I will produce a full set of drawings/ planting plans and project manage the build, working closely with all involved. Others use the design as a masterplan and undertake the build themselves - usually in stages as time and money allows- calling for advice when it is needed. There is absolutely no standard process, you just do what is right for you and I charge for the amount of time I spend

on your project. 


Every section is invoiced separately allowing you to decide exactly how much help you require as the project progresses. By doing it like this all sizes and budgets can be catered for. Let’s face it, life would be very dull if every job were the same and often the best designs arrive within restraints of budget, space or time.

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