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What do I do?


My role is to create a design which transforms space into a beautiful garden perfect for everyone who will use it. I take into account your wishes, taste, budget and the space itself. By combining these elements with my experience, knowledge and imagination I can design something wonderful. I visualise clearly the potential of space - regardless of its current state and my drawing and design skills allow me to communicate these ideas to everyone else in the project.  


My goal is always to achieve the perfect balance of contemporary design elements and the importance of nature. My background of craft, textiles, interiors and colour allow me to draw on a wide range of inspiration and create not only great layouts but exceptional detail to the quality of making.  All of which is vital to making an exceptional garden.

*I am quite booked up so please enquire asap if you are hoping for design work for 2024!

This sounds good but how does it work?

An 'Initial design package' is how most regular sized projects start and it works like this; firstly, say a big hello through the contact form and include a bit about the project. If it’s something I can help with, we'll arrange a chat to talk further.


I then send over a questionnaire to gather information about the space/ your needs & tastes etc. This allows you as clients to clarify what you would like and let me know, before I come to see the space. Once I’ve received the questionnaire, I meet you onsite to discuss everything and experience the space. I take lots of photos and make notes. We discuss initial ideas at this point which help inform the design. This visit usually takes about an hour.


Following this I write a project brief for you to check, before I start designing. If there are two diverse options for the proposal, I do sketches for you to consider, then I start the final drawings.

Included in the design package is a:

Concept board- a collection of images to describe the feeling of the space.

Masterplan of your design- a 'to scale' drawing of the layout, with ideas of materials, planting and anything else you need

I present this to you onsite with printouts of the design and a PDF. Prices start at £580 for a garden up to 100m2 (10m x 10m).


For expansive gardens I have a different system, please enquire to discuss how that could work for you.  

Plant Nursery

So what happens after the design package is done?

This depends entirely on you. Some people will build the garden themselves. Some people will give the drawing to a contractor, who will interpret it and build a space inspired by the design. Other people choose me to manage a complete build, all the way from 'Paper to Plant'.


'Paper to Plant' includes producing a full set of drawings/ planting plans/ specs/ r & d and anything else required for the space, alongside full project management. We can also offer ongoing maintenance/ a review and refresh service (only for projects we have designed and built), so the gardens stay looking fantastic.


The exact process is specific to each client, I just do what is right for you and charge accordinglyAll sizes and budgets can be catered for which provides a wonderful opportunity to create a whole variety of gorgeous gardens.

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